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Misty Rest in Peace

She came to us in 1993, abandoned at a local Animal Shelter,
and died March 18th 2008. She was our little "Bitch" cat!! {Calico, enough said}

She and her brother Boy Cat came, together, to live with us.

We will miss PK!! {'P'sycho 'K'itty}

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Little Bit Rest in Peace

She came to us in 1995, abandoned at a local feed store, barely 1/4 lb,
and died January 18th 2008. She was our little "princess"!!

She was a great "lap" and "nap" cat!!

We miss her!!

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    Many of you know by now that I, "R" do volunteer fire/rescue work. And while I'm always glad when people want to donate money you have to be careful. I just posted the message below on two fire/rescue sites.

    It has come to our attention, unfortunately once again, that there are organizations claiming to be collecting money to assist our volunteer fire companies calling people and asking for money. As far as we know, none of the volunteer companies in our area use phone solicitation to raise money, they all use direct mailings to residents in their coverage area. If you get one of these you should be able to find the actual, "physical", firehouse in your local area. We believe the callers are claiming to be from "Fireman's Association of the State of PA", "Professional Fire Fighters Association" (PFFA), or similar names. The Better Business Bureau {doesn't have complete list} says it has no, or incomplete, information, at this time, for this company and {doesn't have complete list} and IRS Search for Charities, Online Version of Publication 78 {should be complete list}come up with no "hits" on that name, or variations.

Safe ways to donate

A direct mailing from your local fire company, with the local fire company's name and address


Chester County Hero Fund

This is the only official Chester County organization for donating to help Fire/Police/EMS in Chester county.

It is a qualified charity under IRC section 501(c)(3).

Many of the board members are Fire/Police/EMS.

99% of the funds raised are used to benefit of fallen first responders and/or their families!!

    While we applaud and welcome your desire to assist, PLEASE make sure that it is a valid charity that will be giving the majority of the collected funds to the stated cause. Unfortunately there are a lot of "FAKE" Charities asking for money in the name of worthy causes.

    Please send any additional information about this charity, or others involving Fire/Police/EMS, valid or invalid, to WEBMASTER Thanks.

E-Mail: Webmaster

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